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Betapuru Digital Sdn Bhd is a Sarawakian based homegrown digital technology company who specialises in ultra-realistic 2D animation production, hyper realism 3D animation digital content, Virtual Reality immersive content, Anamorphic illusion content with superior quality digital products and unparallel digital content.

As an award-winning organization with niche portfolio, we understand in depth the needs of our client as an enabler in their industry domain to steer marketplace and industrial demand by tapping into creative disruption that unlike anyone has ever seen before. And that defines our very existence: turning ideals into reality!

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We are driven by a passion for artistry and storytelling. Our team of experienced animators, designers, and storytellers is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity to create animations that leave a lasting impact.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering exceptional quality, innovation, and immersive storytelling that inspires and engages audiences worldwide. with a dedication to artistic excellence and cutting-edge technology, we strive to bring your ideas into reality.

What We Do

We are deeply committed to the art of storytelling and animation, convinced that our creative vision and innovative techniques can bring unique and impactful stories to life, offering valuable experiences to our audience.

We provide services in content development,​ storyboarding and animation production.

Our Services

Betapuru Digital Studio | Sarawak |
Anamorphic 3D
3D Naked Eyes | 3D Digital Billboard

Anamorphic 3D

Betapuru Digital Studio | Sarawak |
3D Animation
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3D Animation

Betapuru Digital Studio | Sarawak |
VR Development
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VR Development

Our video production in Three Steps

Equipped with the latest software and hardware which is essential for producing high quality animation

  • 1 Consultation

    Your objectives and intended results will be discussed. First, We will make your requirements outline and discuss the animation style, mission, and length of your video, and then we'll ask for further information so that the final film surpasses your expectations.

  • 2 Creative Concept

    Our team will analyze all the information to produce an interesting video scenario. Depending on the project’s needs, our digital artists will prepare a simplified visual representation of how the final video will unfold.

  • 3 Finalisation

    In the end, we’ll ensure that the deadlines and quality match the deadlines and standards of the plan determined in the pre-production stage and are developed in the best possible way. The final touches are added to the project to make it look well detailed

Love is Never Too Late

Chinese New Year 2024
Short Film

Borneo Lost World.

A New Beginning
Meet Roxy

Our Clients

We’re not just a production company for the moment – we’re with you for the long-term, getting better with every collaboration.


Our Recognition

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Award-winning organization with niche portfolio

It had been a splendid night watching the premiere of "Love is Never Too Late" on a big screen together with hundreds of audience at City Harvest Church Kuching.

Today, it brings us great joy to welcome the Supervisor Lecturer of our intern from Bachelor of Arts in Creative Digital Media program at UTS, Sibu. It's our hope that our young intern has gained as much knowledge as we work together

Great opportunity to showcase our 3D Animation production - Short Movie “Borneo Lost World” and share on current 3D Animation cartoon series production on “The Legend of Bujang.”

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our talented interns from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) and the University of Technology Sarawak (UTS) to our animation team.

Exciting Day of Sharing Animation Industry Insights and Passion at Lodge International School

We are delighted to announce that Betapuru Digital has achieved the prestigious Malaysia Digital Status awarded by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Exciting news! Betapuru Digital Sdn Bhd has become a Reallusion Certified Training Center by partnering with Reallusion Inc, a leading animation software company in the industry.

We always welcome new ideas and collaborations! "Great minds think alike!" Today we are delighted to receive our intern's Supervisor Lecturer from UNIMAS Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts and we hope our young intern learnt as much as we work together.

Betapuru Digital Sdn Bhd (Betapuru) showcased its ‘hyper realistic’ Ultra High-Definition (UHD) 3D animation and VR digital products and services during the just-concluded International Digital Economy Conference Sarawak (IDECS) 2022.

Having received more than 450 entries around the world, Reallusion is happy to announce the final winners of the October, 2021 iClone Lip Sync Animation Contest from a line-up of very compelling artworks. Using 3D tools to represent real-world visuals is difficult, especially when it comes to human facial expressions, subtle behaviors, and expressive emotions. That’s in part why we find it fascinating to see the diversity of MetaHuman performances from the submitted entries.

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