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This course is designed as a complete fundamentals of 3D animation creation workflow. You don’t need any prior experience because the course will take you through each step of the process to create your own realistic digital human, and produce a professional animated video.

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Module 1

Introduction to
Reallusion Software

The module is designed to introduce you to the basic concepts and workflows of Reallusion software: Character Creator 4 and iClone 8, including character creation, animation

  • Overview of Character Creator and iClone
  • Basic system requirements and Software Installation
  • Interface, Navigation and Tools of CC4 and IC8
  • Workflow for Character and Scene Animation Creation
Module 2

Character Creator 4

Overview of character creation and customization in Character Creator 4, from pre-made content to advanced facial morphing tools and plugins, as well as outfit and accessory customization, motion and pose application, and exporting characters to iClone for animation.

  • Character Creation with Pre-made Content
  • Applying Morphs and Adjusting Character Figures
  • Generate AI-powered 3D Facial from Photo - Headshot Plugin
  • Using the Facial Morphing Tools
  • Full Face & Body Customization
  • Digital Human Workflow - SkinGen Premium Plugin
  • Creating Custom Hair using the Smart Hair System
  • Customize Character with Outfit and Accessories
  • Applying Motion, Pose & Facial Expression
  • Dynamic Stage and Lighting
  • Exporting characters from Character Creator to iClone
Module 3

iClone 8

Overview of the animation features and tools available in iClone 8, covering everything from basic animation concepts and timeline operation to advanced features like real-time animation recording, facial animation tools, animation constraints, environment creation, camera placement, and audio track management.

  • Overview of Smart Content Manager
  • Concepts of Body and Facial Animation
  • Timeline Operation
  • Applying Animation to Characters
  • Real-Time Animation Progress with Motion & Direct Puppet Recording
  • Edit Reach Target for Interactive Animation
  • Using the Face Puppet and Face Key Editor
  • Animation Constraints - Look-At, Path, Link and Attach
  • Environment Scene Creation
  • Camera Placement
  • AccuLips Lipsync Solution
  • Adding and Import Audio Tracks
Module 4

Advanced Animation Techniques

This module covers a range of advanced animation techniques and features, including motion correction, personalization with Motion Director, dynamic lens flare, cinematic camera setup, motion blending, Curve Editor refinement, and Perception Neuron Studio integration with Motion Live. These techniques and features can help you create more sophisticated and professional-looking animations.

  • Motion Correction for Footstep and Handprint
  • Personalize Animation with Motion Director
  • Dynamic Lens Flare to Enhance Animation Visuals
  • Cinematic Camera Setup
  • Creating Complex Character Animation with Motion Blending
  • Using the Curve Editor to Refine Animations
  • Working with Motion Live - Perception Neuron Studio
Module 5

Exporting and Publishing

The process of exporting and publishing your iClone animations and still images, as well as how to use post-production software to further enhance the final output. Additionally, you'll learn how to publish your animations to various platforms for maximum visibility and reach.

  • Exporting Animations and Still Images
  • Using Post-Production Software to Enhance Final Output
  • Publishing Animations to Various Platforms
Learning Outcome

By the end of this course, you will be able to :


Create customized 3D characters using Character Creator 4


Animate characters using iClone 8's powerful animation tools


Apply realistic physics and motion effects into animations


Utilize motion capture technology to capture realistic movements


Create professional-quality 3D animations

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  • 5 Days Training Course
  • Software Included: CC4 & IC8
  • Headshot Plug-in
  • SkinGen Premium Plug-in
  • Hair Builder
  • Bead & Brows Builder
  • Wrinkle Essentials
  • MD Pedestrian Actions
  • bhhh MD Athletic Run
Reallusion Certified Trainer

Develop 3D Production Skills with Certified Trainer

Tc. Ayden Lim

Co-Founder of Betapuru

Ayden Lim is a Reallusion Certified Trainer and HRD Corp Train-The-Trainer Certified Trainer with extensive expertise in 3D art, animation, and VR development. His 4+ years of experience in Blender, Unity, and Unreal Engine development have given him exceptional skills in 3D anamorphic, modeling, animation, and immersive content creation.

Ayden Lim’s dedication to his craft has been recognized by the industry:

  • Winner the 'Best Movie and Music Video Remake Award' for the Lip-Sync Animation Contest 2021 organized by Reallusion Inc, competing among 60 countries' top animators.

Ayden Lim has also been part of high-profile projects :

  • The Virtual Reality (VR) Project Launching by the Premier of Sarawak for the Launching Ceremony of the Proposed Batang Igan Bridge Construction.
  • The Project Launch Video for the Launching Ceremony of the Proposed Bebuling Airport Construction officiated by the Premier of Sarawak.
  • The Project Launch Video for the Launching Ceremony of the T-Mega STIDC.

Lim is enthusiastic about sharing his expertise and passion for 3D art, animation, and VR development as a trainer and looks forward to inspiring and guiding the next generation of creatives in this field.

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